Hardcore Inspiration

When most people think of running, they think of misery, early death, copious amounts of pain, and other similarly themed events. There are some (like me) who think of beauty, perseverance, learning, fun, etc. rather than all of the negative aspects.
The people in the first group have probably never given running a chance (meaning they don’t try running for more than two weeks when they would then slowly become more in-shape and be able to enjoy it infinitely more). The people in the second group are usually those who adore running even though it has so many hard moments. Therefore, as a highly biased runner, I feel everyone can dismiss the ridiculous opinions of the first group and focus on the opinions of the second group.
However, despite which group a person might belong to, it is inevitable that if they ever end up running (forced or by their own free will), they will want a source of motivation to keep themselves going. People have a lot of different ideas of how to do this. In my running, for example,  I’ve repeated song lyrics to myself over and over and over again, recited memorized Bible verses, tried to ignore my pain (unfortunately, this one has never worked out too well), prayed for strength, counted steps to keep my feet hitting the ground in a consistent rhythm, and many other actions like that. More frequently than not, none of those things really help me perform better.
In fact, some have even caused me to perform worse than I otherwise would have. One day I was preparing to run the 1600m (or mile long race) at a track meet, and my friends started singing “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction and got it firmly stuck in my head. That mile was one of the worst mental races I have ever had. The lyrics kept playing back over and over again in my head, destroying my focus, and ruining that song for me forever (not that I was a big fan of it before).
However, there have been times when my methods of distraction have helped me. For instance, during a cross-country race, I repeated Psalm 130 to myself as I ran and was able to mostly ignore my body’s firm protests of my intense physical activity.
All of this to get around to pointing out that I have found a new running song! The song is “My Body” by Young the Giant (yes, I know it sounds sketchy, but it’s completely appropriate). I first heard the chorus of “My Body” at the REAL kite boarding school in North Carolina. I instantly thought that the words were perfect for running so I memorized the lyrics and determined to look the full lyrics up when I returned home. Well, surprisingly, I actually remembered to do that, and I am very glad I did. The lyrics to the chorus, in case you were wondering, are “my body tells me no, but I won’t quit, because I want more”. It’s truly a great song, and I am excited that I stumbled upon it.
Last line book quote: “Then the king commanded his servants to mind whatever Curdie should say to them, and after shaking hands with him and his father and mother, the king and the princess and all their company rode away down the side of the new stream, which had already devoured half the road, into the starry night.” —The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald