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One of my uncles is a great connoisseur of movies. Because of this, I have been exposed to many titles that I would never have even heard of otherwise. His choices are never dependently good or bad; there are plenty of both to go around.
A few nights before we returned home from our vacation in Mexico, he suggested that we (meaning himself, my brothers, and I) watch Stardust. I’d heard him talk about Stardust many times, and I very cheerfully agreed that his idea was a good one. The movie was inserted into the computer, and someone hit play. A few hours later, the movie ended and I decided that this time he had chosen a movie in the “good” category. Stardust is absolutely brilliant! According to Wikipedia’s description, it’s a “British romantic comedy fantasy film”. May I just say, those Brits sure know how to make quality shows!
The basic plot of Stardust is something like this: a young man named Dunstan Thorn goes through a magical barrier (which happens to just be a wall) and finds himself in the town of Stormhold. An enslaved princess offers him a charmed flower in exchange for a kiss. He stays with her for the rest of the day, and returns to his home in the village of Wall (which is a super cool name). Nine months later, a baby named Tristan is delivered to him, and he is left on his own to raise him.
The story picks up eighteen years later, and Tristan’s got problems of his own. He is infatuated by a wealthy, beautiful girl named Victoria Forester, but he doesn’t really stand a chance of getting her to love him because she’s more interested in a wealthy man named Humphrey than she is in him. However, a week before her birthday (the day she knew Humphrey was going to propose to her), Victoria agrees to go on an outing with Tristan. While there, he tries to convince her of his love, but she doesn’t change her opinion. As he speaks with her, a star falls out of the sky, and he promises to retrieve it and bring it to her as a birthday present.
Turns out, the star that fell is a woman named Yvaine who is being hunted by multiple people for a variety of reasons. However, Tristan is able to find her first, which sets them both up for an unexpected adventure.
I won’t say any more about the plot for fear of spoiling something, but I will say again that it is a fantastic movie! The characters are all interesting, convincing, and hilarious. To make things even better, the main antagonist of the story, a witch-queen named Lamia, is not only entertaining but makes a phenomenal villain. I’d definitely have to say that my movie recommendation for the day is without a doubt Stardust.
End of book quote: “Three words whispered menacingly in his ear: “Good-bye, Mr. Hunter.” —Black by Ted Dekker


One Day Book Challenge

There I was last night, sitting on my bed and browsing through some interesting blogs, and I happened to stumble across a blog called “b00kends” (http://b00kends.wordpress.com/). The author of b00kends was in the middle of a Thirty Day Book Challenge, and I was inspired! The thing is, I don’t really want to take thirty days to have continuous short posts about a whole lot of books, so I’ve decided to make the Thirty Day Book Challenge a One Day Book Challenge. Woo! So, without further ado, here I go*:
Day 1: Favorite book: The King of Attolia (and the other three books in the series) by Megan Whalen Turner
Day 2: Least favorite book: Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë (I’ve never understood why it’s a classic.)
Day 3: Book that makes you laugh out loud: All My Friends Are Dead by Avery Monsen and Jory John
Day 4: Book that makes you cry: The Chosen by Chaim Potok
Day 5: Book you wish you could live in: Hm, that’s a hard one. I’m going to have to go with The Outlaws of Sherwood by Robin McKinley
Day 6: Favorite young adult book: Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith
Day 7: Book that you can quote/recite: The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley
Day 8: Book that scares you: Adam by Ted Dekker
Day 9: Book that makes you sick: The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
Day 10: Book that changed your life: Is it cheating to say The Bible?
Day 11: Book from your favorite author: The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner (can you tell that I love her?)
Day 12: Favorite male character: Eugenides from The Queen’s Thief series by (you guessed it!) Megan Whalen Turner
Day 13: Favorite female character: This is a hard one, but I think I’m going to go with Macey McHenry from the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter simply to give that series a mention on this list
Day 14: A book you used to love, but don’t anymore: the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson
Day 15: First “chapter book” you can remember reading as a child: anything from The Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne
Day 16: Longest book you’ve read: The Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon
Day 17: Shortest book you’ve read: But Not The Hippopotamus by Sandra Boynton
Day 18: Favorite classic book: The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy
Day 19: A book you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving: Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (the first half killed me, but the second half was really good)
Day 20: Book you’ve read the most number of times: The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner
Day 21: Favorite picture book from childhood: Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola
Day 22: Book you plan to read next: The Ordinary Princess by M. M. Kaye
Day 23: Book you never finished: The (Unabridged) Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo
Day 24: Book that contains your favorite scene: The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner
Day 25: Favorite book you read in school: Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt
Day 26: Favorite nonfiction book: Stalin: A Biography by Robert Service
Day 27: Favorite fiction book: see day 1, but to mix things up a little bit, I’ll add The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Day 28: Last book you read: So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish by Douglas Adams
Day 29: Book you’re currently reading: Mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams
Day 30: Book you’re excited to read in the near future: A Barrel of Laughs, A Vale of Tears by Jules Feiffer

*I took the liberty of changing “days” 12-14, 18-19, 23, and 30 because I didn’t have answers to the original questions.

That was much harder to do than I expected it to be. Well, there you have it! My list of many things book related. Take that, One Day Book Challenge, you have been conquered!
End of book quote: “But not the armadillo.” —But Not The Hippopotamus by Sandra Boynton