The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

I read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series for two reasons. The first was that my family members make references to the books all the time, and not understanding references grows old very quickly. The second was that I gave the series to my friend for his birthday and we had a competition to see who would finish first (I lost…miserably), so I felt that I should see the books through to their end so I would understand any references that he, too, might decide to make in the future.
The first book, unsurprisingly titled The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, was everything I was told the series would be—clever, funny, and satirical. But then I read the second book…and the third…and the fourth…and eventually the fifth, and my excitement over the story line slowly died out. The characters gets old, the story line (or should I say lack thereof) gets old, the comedy loses most of its brilliance (though I admit there were a few hilarious scenes in each book), and everything becomes predictable (more or less. As I said before, the plot line is on the ridiculous side). And to top off my frustration, the last book didn’t even end well. Spoiler alert: the world gets blown up (for the second time) and everyone dies. Everyone, except the aliens who blew it up. That’s it. That’s how Mostly Harmless ends. No resolution; plenty of unresolved issues; and a strong sense of stupidity. Either Douglas Adams got tired of writing the increasingly repetitive stories or he just wanted to laugh maliciously in the face of enraged readers (like me) and gloat about his ability to so powerfully irritate everybody.
End of series quote: “He put on a little light music instead.” –Mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams. May I just point out that the “he” in question here was the one who blew up all the characters. He was disappointed because he could no longer watch television, hence the light music.