Pride And Prejudice

Like many women out there, one of my favorite chick-flicks of all times is easily Pride & Prejudice. Now, I know that most guys out there are probably groaning right now, and thinking, “Really? Again? Why can’t you watch something good for once?”, but I’m a female. I like watching other people go through emotional/romantic angst. It’s entertaining.
There is, however, more to the movie (and by extension, the book) than people first expect to see. The first few times I ever watched Pride & Prejudice, I remember hating it. Granted, a few years ago, I was always one of the most stubborn tomboys among my peers; and when I first watched the movie, I was in full tomboy mode. I still thought what most boys assume about chick flicks. In other words, I assumed that it was all horrible, gooey romance that was good for absolutely nothing.
Unfortunately for all the males reading this, I’ve changed a lot since then, and have become infinitely more feminine in my tastes. Now when I watch P&P (as I have decided to abbreviate Pride & Prejudice), I find myself chuckling at the comedy in different people’s relationships, and relating to more of the characters. It really is a quality film. The plot line is good, the drama is entertaining and more or less realistic, the awkwardness is comically overbearing, and the characters are fascinating. Those are standards I like to see in any movie whether action film or romantic comedy.
But for me, what really makes P&P so excellent, is its main character: Elizabeth Bennet. If she was real, I would be her friend. Not only is she intelligent, dedicated, and responsible, but she is also funny, clever, and incredibly headstrong. She knows what she wants, and no one can change her mind except for her. The harsh exchanges she has over and over again with Mr. Darcy are absolutely brilliant! At many different points throughout the movie, she can be found insulting Darcy slyly enough to make her words are all the more cutting. She is truly an ingenious character!
Of course, she ends up realizing that Darcy isn’t what he seems, and they have their happy, stereotypical chick-flick ending, but I still don’t mind watching P&P time and time again just to watch Elizabeth ingeniously interacting with the people in her daily life.

“She began to untie it.” —The City Of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau