A lot of people out there love the ocean. They love to go to any place that has a beach, nice waves, and plenty of sunshine. After all, what isn’t there to like? God created some gorgeous places.

However, I happen to not fall into that category. For me, the ocean has always been a place that I’m not terribly excited to go to. It doesn’t really make sense. I can swim perfectly well so I don’t bother to fear drowning. As I already mentioned, oceans are breathtaking and I love to look at them, but I don’t enjoy being in them (though I endure it when I’m kite boarding). You see, I’m not a huge fan of swimming or wearing bathing suits for long periods of time or getting salt water in my mouth and eyes.

So there you have it, I don’t really like going to the beach.

What I do love is ocean’s opposite: mountains. Every moment of my childhood that I can remember was surrounded by mountains. Mountains, like oceans, are enormous, breathtaking, and incredibly scenic. But in my eyes, mountains are far superior. I’d take a hike over sitting around on a beach any day. My love for the mountains goes so deep that I’ve never been a huge fan of areas where mountains are practically nonexistent. When I can’t see peaks in the distance, there’s a part of me that feels exposed. So when I go to places like South Dakota and North Carolina, I always feel homesick for my Arizona mountains. What can I say? I’m a mountain girl and always will be!

Last line book quote: “Some day it may seem worth while to take up the story of the younger ones again and see what sort of men and women they turned out to be; therefore it will be wisest not to reveal any of that part of their lives at the present.” —Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain