My older brother and I explored our new musical tastes after dinner tonight on YouTube (despite the fact that he is not on a quest to conquer his musical ignorance). He tried to show me a new song that he liked, but we quickly learned that listening to music is very hard to do when the song is accompanied by a strange music video. We went through artists like Of Monsters and Men, Two Door Cinema Club, Florence + The Machine (weirdest music video I have ever seen in my entire life for one of their songs!), Fleet Foxes, and Foster the People, and found the same results for all of them. Strange music videos are interestingly common in alternative bands.
But then we stumbled across a music video that was not only weird but also quite amusing and that music video is the one posted above these words. This music video was made for the song “Houdini” by Foster the People. I would explain it for you, but it will be better if you just watch it for yourself. It will blow your mind (in a comedic and terrifying sort of way)!
End of book spoiler quote: “Defying the storm that threatened, the clouds that curtained the sun now pass, and we three survivors of a long-ago tragedy stand together in silence, beholding one another in the sun’s light.” –“Ophelia” by Lisa Klein