My family has found a new show to watch for the summer. The Legend of Korra takes place about a century after Avatar: The Last Airbender (another quality TV show) ends. The animation style is different, the culture of the world is different, and most importantly, the main characters could not be more unlike each other.
The show is brilliant! It’s full of action, interesting ongoing plotlines, and teenage angst. The main characters are Korra and her two friends, Mako and Bolin. Korra is headstrong and awesome but she’s also very naive. Mako is pretty swanky but fierce and has a lot of responsibilities. Bolin is Mako’s younger brother and serves as the comic relief for the show. In his words, he’s strong, fun, and gorgeous. The scene I posted shows Korra and police chief Lin Bei Fong about to go into battle right before one of my favorite parts of the series so far.
Basically, everyone in the show is super cool, entertaining, and can kick butt. So if you haven’t watched The Legend of Korra, give it a shot! It’s definitely worth it.
End of book spoiler quote: “I’ve done you before, haven’t I?” it said.” –Life, The Universe, and Everything (pretend that is grammatically accurate. There’s never a helpful “italicize” button for me to push when I post videos) by Douglas Adams