It’s here at long last! The event school victims…I mean students…wait eagerly for from August to May (said months may vary depending on the living location of the aforementioned school student). As one of the Highschool Musical movies so wonderfully phrased it in one of their delightful songs, “It’s summer time!”

Usually, my summers are full of reading, sleeping, watching television, writing, and (most likely) gaining some pounds (which I thankfully burn off in the first few weeks of the cross-country season). Those things are the reasons I’ve always treasured summer breaks (except for the weight gain). It’s the one time of year that I don’t really have to over-exert my brain and stress glands (or whatever other bodily process stress comes from). While it is true that I tend to read and write a lot over extended periods without school, I do not count either activity as strenuous because I happily choose to do them and could stop at any given time.

However, this summer is going to be a little different from all my other summers. You see, I’ve decided I want to be productive over summer vacation rather than lounge around all day like a sloth, slug, or any other disgusting, eternally lazy animal. One difference I’m making, that has no relevance to what this post is really about at all, is that I am actually going to go to my team’s summer cross-country training.

The other change is a little more extreme. It’s a project I’ve decided to take on as I feel it will help me in the future. This project is the slightly large task of learning a new language: German. I’ve felt for about a year or so now that God is calling me to go to Germany one day. And whether that is for a week or the majority of my life, I want to be prepared. So I took some of my accumulated wealth and spent a large portion of it on the purchase of a German Rosetta Stone.

My plan is to spend anywhere from one to four hours working on the program every day, and so far I have been quite successful. In the past two days, I have crammed between six to eight hours of foreign vocabulary and grammar into my head, and may I just say, this is a challenge I am ready to tackle. Wish me luck!

Last line of an utterly random book quote of the day: “We’ll take in a quick bite at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.” —The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams