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My family has found a new show to watch for the summer. The Legend of Korra takes place about a century after Avatar: The Last Airbender (another quality TV show) ends. The animation style is different, the culture of the world is different, and most importantly, the main characters could not be more unlike each other.
The show is brilliant! It’s full of action, interesting ongoing plotlines, and teenage angst. The main characters are Korra and her two friends, Mako and Bolin. Korra is headstrong and awesome but she’s also very naive. Mako is pretty swanky but fierce and has a lot of responsibilities. Bolin is Mako’s younger brother and serves as the comic relief for the show. In his words, he’s strong, fun, and gorgeous. The scene I posted shows Korra and police chief Lin Bei Fong about to go into battle right before one of my favorite parts of the series so far.
Basically, everyone in the show is super cool, entertaining, and can kick butt. So if you haven’t watched The Legend of Korra, give it a shot! It’s definitely worth it.
End of book spoiler quote: “I’ve done you before, haven’t I?” it said.” –Life, The Universe, and Everything (pretend that is grammatically accurate. There’s never a helpful “italicize” button for me to push when I post videos) by Douglas Adams


Quest Time

My entire life has been lived without any sort of musical talent. I’ve never played an instrument (for more than a week anyway. I technically took flute lessons for about two hours and I can blow into a recorder…the music that comes out though is less than satisfactory), I can’t sing, I don’t listen to popular music or really any kind of music except Christian bands, I’m not in a band, and I have no desire to be in one…ever. You get the point. (On a side note, I did learn to play part of the “Ode to Joy”–maybe–last summer when my mom required us to play the piano every day. I learned it because you only need one hand in the center position on the keyboard, and the notes were in numbers from 1-5. Look, I can still remember most of it! The sequence is 3-3-4-5-5-4-3-2-1-1-2-3-3-2-1-1! There is a little more but I don’t quite remember it. Oh well. Now everyone can play the beginning of the “Ode to Joy” or whatever song it may have been.) Really when it comes down to it, I am simply ignorant of music and just about everything that has anything to do with it.

BUT, I have decided I want to be musically cultured. To start this process, I have requested one of my friends to burn me a CD with music she likes on it (she said it would be difficult because she doesn’t know my music tastes. Clearly I can’t help her because neither do I. I know I don’t usually like rap or bands that scream a lot because they sound like monsters, but other than that I’m at a loss). I also listened to some songs for a while at one of my other friends and was able to get the names of a few bands. I used those names to set up some radio stations on Pandora.

The results? Well, I’m working on it but there has been some progress! So far I like Two Door Cinema Club, Mumford and Sons, Fleet Foxes, Regina Spektor, Foster the People, and Vampire Weekend. We’ll see if I end up with musical knowledge by the end of the summer. If any of you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them. Just type them out in a comment and I’ll check it out!

End of book spoiler quote: “And soon they were rolling on again, leaving Treegap behind, and as they went, the tinkling little melody of a music box drifted out behind them and was lost at last far down the road.” —Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt


Vexing Calf Spasms

Today I made the discouraging discovery that a person can receive calf cramps. Of course, I knew that muscles anywhere in the body can cramp, but I’ve never had cramps in just one leg causing me shooting pain all throughout the day. Let me just tell you, I did not enjoy my discovery in the slightest. Poor, innocent me would be sitting down or lounging on my bed when BAM! Calf cramp.

To convey the depths of my hatred for my newly found calf unpleasantness, I will write you all a delightful poem:

I hate you calf,

When you don’t make me laugh.

You’re such a moron!

End of book spoiler quote time: “He’s a photographer.” —Amelia Bedelia’s Masterpiece by Herman Parish

Voicemail Trolling

People fear teenagers for a reason. This fear tends to be sprung from the odd sort of things teenagers do when they are around their friends. In my experience, most of those things are rather harmless. For example, you could steal someone’s phone and text one of their friends something random like “May I please have your mustache?” or you could convince a large group of people to stare at newcomers if they arrive later, or, when one of your friends is late to a party you are at, you could get together with all of your mutual friends who were on time and leave that person around twenty voicemails.

The last option is something I have now personally experienced. I went to my coach’s goodbye party this afternoon with my brother. The party was from one to four p.m. but as it was an open house, people arrived all throughout that time period. One of my friends, a super awesome girl named Sarah, had to work, so she couldn’t make it until 3:30. Another friend, Grace, got tired of waiting for her and sent a text to Sarah ordering her to “come to the party NOW!”. Then two people we were standing near at the time whipped out their phones and sent very similar texts to Sarah as well. The obnoxious voice mails that followed were really only to be expected.

Sarah texted one of the guys back and didn’t respond to Grace, so Grace texted her again and then called her. Needless to say, Sarah was already pretty annoyed with Grace, and texted Grace to “leave me alone!”. Grace and I headed inside to where more of our friends were, and convinced them to text and call Sarah too (surprisingly, they weren’t hard to convince). Eventually, she turned off her phone, and we saw an opportunity to be even more vexing.

We all began to call her and leave her the strangest messages we could think of. When Sarah arrived (bemused but aggravated), we all listened to the messages together, bringing our voicemail trolling time to a hilarious end (trust me, I have creative, comedic friends and some of them thought of really enjoyable things to say).

Last line book quote: “Details are 94% accurate, 6% unavoidable extrapolation.” —Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer


It’s here at long last! The event school victims…I mean students…wait eagerly for from August to May (said months may vary depending on the living location of the aforementioned school student). As one of the Highschool Musical movies so wonderfully phrased it in one of their delightful songs, “It’s summer time!”

Usually, my summers are full of reading, sleeping, watching television, writing, and (most likely) gaining some pounds (which I thankfully burn off in the first few weeks of the cross-country season). Those things are the reasons I’ve always treasured summer breaks (except for the weight gain). It’s the one time of year that I don’t really have to over-exert my brain and stress glands (or whatever other bodily process stress comes from). While it is true that I tend to read and write a lot over extended periods without school, I do not count either activity as strenuous because I happily choose to do them and could stop at any given time.

However, this summer is going to be a little different from all my other summers. You see, I’ve decided I want to be productive over summer vacation rather than lounge around all day like a sloth, slug, or any other disgusting, eternally lazy animal. One difference I’m making, that has no relevance to what this post is really about at all, is that I am actually going to go to my team’s summer cross-country training.

The other change is a little more extreme. It’s a project I’ve decided to take on as I feel it will help me in the future. This project is the slightly large task of learning a new language: German. I’ve felt for about a year or so now that God is calling me to go to Germany one day. And whether that is for a week or the majority of my life, I want to be prepared. So I took some of my accumulated wealth and spent a large portion of it on the purchase of a German Rosetta Stone.

My plan is to spend anywhere from one to four hours working on the program every day, and so far I have been quite successful. In the past two days, I have crammed between six to eight hours of foreign vocabulary and grammar into my head, and may I just say, this is a challenge I am ready to tackle. Wish me luck!

Last line of an utterly random book quote of the day: “We’ll take in a quick bite at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.” —The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams