My class is having a party (today, but I’m going to my cousin’s birthday instead) and the guy hosting the party has a pool. We were talking about the event in our class meeting a few days ago and a slide came up that showed dress code for the pool. For girls, there was nothing new–the order to wear a one piece with a shirt over it, but then the rule for the guys came up. Apparently, the girls in my grade cannot handle shirtless men because they have to wear shirts in the pool as well.

Clearly, we were all a little puzzled by this rule. After all, high school girls have most definitely seen guys without shirts on before (um, cross-country every day) and therefore we ended up discussing how odd we found the rule to be while we were stretching before track.

And then one of my friends made a comment I hope I never forget that made the whole thing worthwhile, “Shirtless men look like sin!” Needless to say, this had everyone present laughing quite helplessly. So life lessons for today: track stars are the best, and shirtless men look like sin. 🙂

“The Baudelaire orphans stood in the same boat as Count Olaf, the notorious villain, and looked out at the sea, where they hoped they could find their noble friends, and wondered what else they could do, and who they might become.” —The Penultimate Peril by Lemony Snicket