Today, I do not have a shoddy, almost incomprehensible rant about something I found interesting throughout the day for you to mindlessly read. Oh no. Today, I have a challenge for you all.

I’m sure some of you claim to be fanatic readers, but would you recognize mere lines from some random books I grabbed from my room? The answer, I think, will prove to be a resounding “no” because I don’t think I could identify all of them if I hadn’t just typed all of these up (especially since I haven’t read two of the books). Don’t worry though, I’ll give you a list to choose from. Here are the books: The Chosen, A Voice in the Wind, Crown Duel, Sunshine, Hamlet, Sherlock Holmes (sorry for the broad category, but I couldn’t find the specific book I took the line from so you’ll have to make due with the general idea/main character/overall title of the series of the aforementioned book), Lord of the Flies, The Scarlet Letter, Romeo and Juliet, and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. Feel free to post your guesses in the comment section.

Good luck to all. And…go!

1)”I want your opinion as a judicious man–as a man of the world.”

2)”You haven’t got the conch!”

3)”Figure to yourself seated at the provost’s table, lolling upon his elbows between two piles of papers, his feet upon the skirt of his plain, brown cloth robe, furred with white lambskin, which encircled his jolly, rubicund visage and double chin, Master Florian Barbedienne, auditor to the Chatelet.”

4)” Many, many a poor soul hath given its confidence to me, not only on the deathbed, but while strong in life, and fair in reputation.”

5)”I am Fortune’s fool!”

6) “Between the dark thoughts inside my head and the leaping, glittery shadows my eyes saw, I had to stop.”

7) “I was up almost all last night finishing the article, and now rushing here to see you after the faculty meeting…It’s too much.”

8)”She shook her head once, her gaze not on me, but somewhere beyond the trees.”

9)”He had no right to strike her.”

10)”Get thee to a nunnery!”

“They shivered because they did not know where they were going, or who they might meet if they climbed down into”…? Hm, I think Amazon has let me down since the last sentence of The Grim Grotto by Lemony Snicket has neither a (good) last word or a period. Guess it can’t be helped (sorry about the Amazon use. While we do own every single book in the series, my sister fell asleep in the room the books are stored in and it would be rude to wake her).