This video perfectly describes my younger brother and two of his friends. You see, they have what is most definitely a bromance, but whenever we tease my brother about it he gets defensive and shouts that he’s not gay…which we never implied in the first place, but whatever.
But that’s not the only reason I find this video hilarious (yes, my rabid readers, I have finally figured out how to post an actual video and not just a link that doesn’t actually work). No, I find it hilarious because the song is actually well written and the singers have real talent that they use to depict what a bromance can really be. My favorite part is…well, I’ll just let you try to guess what it is (I’ll even be an angel and give you a hint: it’s one of the parts when the limo is involved).
“Even as Count Olaf’s auto-mobile slipped out of view, and the caravan began to slip on the bumpy road, it seemed to the Baudelaire orphans that they were all slipping into the belly of the beast, and that time, I’m sorry to say, counted very, very much.” –The Carnivorous Carnival (sorry, there’s no italicize button here, but never fear, you can just pretend the title is grammatically correct) by Lemony Snicket