So I did something pretty dumb. Perhaps the better word would be clumsy, but at the current moment I’m definitely feeling stupid. You see, the Thursday before last we were at practice running and we crossed a ditch. This ditch had an obstacle in the area we usually cross over and instead of gracefully avoiding it, I slipped and rolled my ankle.

Hoping I could shake it off, I tried to recover by the end of practice but that didn’t happen. Then the following day I participated in a school (two-mile) run and later that evening I went to a dance wearing pretty awesome high heels. Did they look good? Absolutely. Did they do great things for my ankle? …Probably not… By the time the dance was over my ankle had swelled so much it looked like there was a growth on the side of my foot.

Two weeks later, my ankle is still bothering me. Apparently, rolled ankles can take up to six weeks to heal when you aren’t putting them through strain (like I do every day at track) but can take months to heal if you are putting them through physical duress. Basically, I think I am stuck with my rolled, swollen ankle for the rest of the season.

Thankfully, my ankle does not hurt me to the point where I can’t participate at all, but I certainly can’t perform as well as I could otherwise. *Cue deep, long-suffering sigh* And to make matters more fun, there’s a qualifying meet coming up this week and I am running the 4×8 and the 1600m. Oh dear.

“Violet, Klaus, and Sunny looked at one another and took a deep breath, gathering up all their courage to face all the bolts from the blue that they guessed–and, I’m sorry to say, guessed correctly–lay ahead of them, and then the self-sustaining Baudelaire orphans took their first steps away from the town and toward the last few rays of the setting sun.” —The Vile Village by Lemony Snicket