For those of you who have not chanced upon this Youtube star’s entertaining videos, I have attempted to post the link so that you will be able to easily access one of my personal favorites (though the Tron and the Assasin’s Creed ones are pretty good too).

Basically, this guy who has a funny and expressive voice takes movie trailers and narrates what is happening during the theatrical trailer (if only he had done one for The Dragonheart). That’s it. Now I’m sure this doesn’t sound too entertaining, but trust me, the way he does it is hilarious.

Because I do not trust technology, I will repost the link here even though it will not function as links are supposed to:

Hooray for links! And while I’m up to pointless commentary may I just add that the sixty-two of you (that’s right, 62!) who looked at my blog yesterday are 1) ridiculous, 2) amazing, and 3) a complete mystery to me. Congratulations mystery blog readers, you are pretty snazzy folks.

“The car drove farther and farther away, until Justice Strauss was merely a speck in the darkness, and it seemed to the children that they were moving in an aberrant–the word “aberrant” here means, “very,very wrong, and causing much grief”–direction.” —The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket (who is wonderful both for his use of titular alliteration and long words that no one has ever heard of)