1. When asked for my hobbies besides running I listed reading and writing and couldn’t think of anything else I really do for fun
  2. I have a slight (or gigantic) obsession with the English language
  3. I happen to adore Shakespeare
  4. My English/Creative Writing teacher had to tell me to put away a dictionary one day in class
  5. Which leads me to my next point, I asked my friends to give me a dictionary because I spent about two hours flipping through one and enjoyed every minute of it
  6. I am a sesquipedalian person and use words like crinite, maelstrom, diversiform, empurpled, nonobjectivist, perambulate, and perspicuous
  7. The other day when I was feeling poorly I dressed symbolically to show it…just don’t ask
  8. German–I really want to learn it for no other reason than I want to go to Germany one day (in other words I refuse to use a translator…unless I have to)
  9. I have a laptop not because I wanted to use the internet more but because I needed a device I could take to my room with me as I hate it when people watch me write
  10. Because of that I call my laptop my baby and would cry heartily if it broke (because then all of my writings would be gone)
  11. I quote things like Shakespeare and my favorite books, and have had the first line of The Blue Sword memorized since my family first read it (possibly during my seventh grade year)
  12. I write down the titles of the books I read and I am up to 493 titles, which I suppose is decently impressive as I started the list in the seventh grade (I had an apparently significant time in seventh grade. It was, after all, the year that prompted my novel-writing) and have slowed down significantly since I began to write a lot more often
  13. I felt the need to look up the definition of “nerd” because I was curious to see if the actual definition was how most people use the word and I was surprised to find that it meant: a) a stupid, irritating, ineffectual, or unattractive person, or b) an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit: a computer nerd (thank you Dictionary.com). The first definition is certainly not how most people use it, but in this case, that seems to be a good thing rather than a bad one

Well there you have it–basically, I am super cool.

“Hunching over, he covered his head and wept.” —A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers (once again, I chose to ignore the epilogue for fear of completely ruining the end of this book for anyone interested in the novel)