William Shakespeare is seriously the best playwrights ever! We were just given the monologues that my school hands out every year and I chose one by Rosaline from Love’s Labour’s Lost. Why do I like the speech? Well for starters, Rosaline is a witty genius. I read the entire scene my monologue can be found inside and laughed out loud multiple times. Not to mention, almost the entire scene rhymes. Now I don’t know about you, but writing a play that rhymes sounds painfully difficult to do so kudos to Mr. Shakespeare. And since you are all dying to see, I posted my monologue below:


Oft have I heard of you, my Lord Biron,
Before I saw you; and the world’s large tongue
Proclaims you for a man replete with mocks,
Full of comparisons and wounding flouts,
Which you on all estates will execute
That lie within the mercy of your wit.
To weed this wormwood from your fruitful brain,
And therewithal to win me, if you please,
Without the which I am not to be won,
You shall this twelvemonth term from day to day
Visit the speechless sick and still converse
With groaning wretches; and your task shall be,
With all the fierce endeavor of your wit
To enforce the pained impotent to smile.

To give you a little context, after trying to pull tricks on each other throughout an entire scene (the suitors dressed as Russians which the ladies knew about and countered with their own disguises, fooling the men completely), Rosaline’s pursuer asks her if she would marry him, and that is how she replies. It is hilarious because Biron is apparently known as being amazingly witty and so she uses that against him, and tells him to do something outlandish to gain her hand. He proceeds to agree after some convincing on Rosaline’s part, and the play ends as one (maybe the only) of Shakespeare’s few comedies that did not end with a marriage.

“My parents were still watching me through our living-room window.” —My Name Is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok