This post is for those of you who like super heroes. Young Justice is a TV series about superhero sidekicks who are allowed to form a team called Young Justice by their mentors. At first, the show seems a little stupid, but as you continue to watch it, you learn that it is actually a quality show (in my opinion). One of the capturing characteristics of the series is that is has a progressive plot line (my favorite kind for those who haven’t noticed). My irritation with other television shows is that they skip around and have few ideas that connect to previous thoughts. This leads to a lack of foreshadowing and often leaves good story lines waiting in background to be ignored for a long time. Thankfully, Young Justice doesn’t follow the trend.

The main characters are interesting, have differed personalities, and awesome superpowers or at least super abilities. I think my favorite is Robin, Batman’s classic sidekick, the Boy Wonder. For some reason, he has always captured my attention, and the show portrays him quite well. Though he has no super powers, he is incredibly intelligent and has a rocking utility with which he can demolish villains. He is only one of many characters that make the show excellent.

I would say one of the few flaws of the series is that it is still in production of the first season, and therefore intrigued fans like me have to wait far too long for new episodes to air. Never a fun option. And as far as flaws go, one of the characters has an irritating catch phrase, but other than that I like her character.

So I will advise that you all watch it and give it a standing chance (whether you all will like it…well, that is less probable).

“The duel was over, and we had won.” Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith.

Confession time, that is not technically the last line because there happens to be an afterword. However, I happened to like the last line of the story itself better so I chose to do that one. To be fair though, I feel that I should include the afterword’s last line. “So let me end with the wish that you find the same kind of happiness, and laughter, and love, that I have found, and that you have the wisdom to make them last.”