Bear with me readers, I am going to talk about another song. This one, unlike the previous one I blogged about, I happen to love. The song is from the album Prospit and Derse, which was made to fit a web comic called Homestuck. I have not read the comic, but my friend has and she showed me some of the many songs on the soundtrack. As soon as I heard the first few beats of Derse Dreamers, I knew it would be a song I liked. The song itself has no lyrics so if you don’t like that kind of music, stay away.

The song is a mixture of intense violin playing and synthesized beats that almost remind me of some of the music in the Tron soundtrack. It is a powerful song filled with interesting, varying sounds that draw you in as soon as you hear them. And don’t let the fact that the song is for a web comic stop you from listening to it, because it is a truly spectacular thing to listen to even though it’s title is strange. I can even give you the address which you can then copy and paste if this rave has caught your attention (and I know, I keep telling you to do things outside of taking your precious time and using it to read this slightly insane blog of mine):

Well there’s your link! Enjoy the song and maybe even tell me what you think (it’s possible that there’s a place you can comment on this, crazy I know).

“And the dogs closed around them, pressing up against their thighs, wagging their tails, rubbing their noses against the two figures who were holding each other so tightly that they seemed only one figure after all.” Deerskin also by Robin McKinley (can you tell I like her books?). And don’t be deceived by the last sentence, Deerskin is not a sappy book in the least. In fact, it has darker concepts which younger children should wait a few years to read about. However for the more aged reader, it is an excellent read.