What have I been up to? The answer is quite simple. These past couple months have consisted of running, reading, writing, and as usual, school.

To start where I slacked off for really no good reason: my NaNoWriMo went quite excellently. I managed to write my 50,000 words and completed my first novel (More like a novella really, but still, in my mind, it’s close enough to count.) So basically, in that area I am officially a winner. ūüôā One of the prizes was five free copies of the finished novel (which no one should read…ever) and I am working on getting those to my home. I even designed a sweet cover for the book, something I have never done before, and I’m excited to hold it in my hands even if the story itself is spewed vomit. Therefore, NaNo: success!

To dive into running a little more, I finished the cross-country season off with an exciting time at state. I ran like I never have before and managed to score a 21:48 (I think) on a 3.1ish mile course. I placed a crazy 26th (also an “I think” there–the details get mixed up the longer I don’t think about them), and my team placed second. It was quite exhilarating, and we are hoping we will eventually improve enough to compete with the number one team from this year who will undoubtedly be just as good if not better next year. Wish us luck!

My reading is slowly balancing out with my writing. I have been able to accomplish doing both at the same time while still keeping up a decent number of pages and books conquered. For anyone looking for a good book, the Inda series by Sherwood Smith would be my strong suggestion though I have not finished the first book yet.

School ended pretty well for me in terms of finals. I know for sure I did well in math, which I was feeling anxious about, and almost every other final wasn’t too difficult. I am thoroughly enjoying my Christmas break away from school, but I believe I’ll be ready to dive in again when school inevitably starts up again.

And back to writing: as soon as I had NaNo behind me, I took a two-week break, and dove into the book I am rewriting (remember that one?). In another¬†two-week span, I have written almost forty pages and I am feeling satisfied with progress and burdened by how much more ground I have yet to cover…and rewrite…and rewrite again and again and again. Oh dear. I don’t think I will ever quite fully understand why I love writing so much when it is so time-consuming and difficult, but I persist and there’s no way I’m stopping now.

Che tu possa¬†avere¬†pi√Ļ fortuna¬†nei vostri sforzi, il mio amico – Italian. Do feel free to google translate that because for once, I am going to let you do it yourselves.