For anyone who hasn’t heard this song, don’t, just don’t. Keep as far away from it as possible because let me tell you, it is a horrible song. While the tune is annoyingly catchy and can get stuck in your head for an hour, the lyrics are frightening at best.

To give those of you fortunate enough not to know some of the lyrics an idea of what the song consists of, a couple of the lines are: I don’t have to try to control you, look into my eyes and I’ll own you (I believe those are probably not the exact words, they’re just some of the lines I remember after being scarred by the time I spent listening to the lyrics). That little snippet I just typed is part of the chorus, which is then repeated as most choruses are over and over and over again. The rest of the lyrics are dirty not with cussing but with ideas, and frankly, the words are creepy. Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t want those lyrics to occur to me no matter who I was looking at.

To digress, I have received a new idea for blog endings because I have been out of new languages on Google Translate for a long time (the idea is courtesy of my mother). So I have decided to start posting the last line of books as a parting. As said mother pointed out, doing so is both expressive and random which really fits my blog title remarkably well.

“They took the children with them–Aerin was followed by Jack, and Jack by Harri, as the years passed–for Luthe was fond of children.” –The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley.