There comes a time when people like me learn that they are too old to celebrate Halloween properly. What used to be fun becomes awkward and foolish. The unheard of amounts of candy lose their appeal, the costumes are lame or in too small of a size, and people will tell you that you are too old to be trick-or-treating.

Now most of you are probably wondering why I’m whining about the horrors of the holiday before it has actually occurred, so let me set the accounts straight. As Halloween falls on a Monday night this year, my family has decided that we are simply too busy to celebrate Halloween on the proper day and so we went to a gathering at church tonight to do a mini celebration.

I, for one, was not able to appreciate it. It is a very uncomfortable feeling to look around and see that your peers are the ones handing out candy, not receiving it. So, to solve this problem, I did not participate. Sadly, neither option worked out. My siblings took it upon themselves to tell me that I probably looked like a loser because I was dressed up and not eagerly snatching candy from each person.

To conclude, I no longer wish to celebrate Halloween.

Beannacht – Irish