The aforementioned author is quickly becoming one of my favorites. For those of you not overly familiar with Ms. Jackson (who was actually married, by the way, though I think Jackson was her maiden name), she has written the world-renowned short story “The Lottery” as well as many other fabulous short stories and books like The Haunting of Hill House and We Have Always Lived in the Castle.

The best way to describe her writing is to say that it is demented…fabulously demented. To give you a better picture, I think I should add that “The Lottery” was actually banned in South Africa, which Shirley was actually rather proud of. She has a way with horrible and shocking stories which leads readers to fall for a false sense of cheerfulness, which later builds into absolute shock when the awful end is finally revealed.

Basically, one of my friends and I are taken with the works of Shirley Jackson, and I think that you should all at least read “The Lottery” because it is a brilliant piece of literature.

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