For lack of an interesting title that relates to anything I’m saying – Blippery bippery boo! (It was the first thing that came to mind)

Yesterday, the team went to our coach’s house which has some elevation to it and ran there. Apparently, at one house, someone had a llama…but I missed it. The practice was intensely hard, but interesting at the same time.

After practice, my friend came over and we stayed up late last night only to wake up early this morning to do yard work…which is always so fun… Then she left and I did my homework, and now I am tapping away on this keyboard to create this really not very interesting blog.

Bippidty Boppity Boo – Fairy Godmother! That can be your farewell for today.

P.S. I started a blog for my friend and I’s entertainment, but she told people about it and now they’re actually reading it even though it is intentionally horrible…I don’t understand it.