If anyone wants an esteem booster they should wear a cute dress to school (for girls of course, guys, sorry, this doesn’t apply to you). That’s what I did today, and right off the bat people started complimenting me, so one of my friends suggested that I count how many compliments I received. I had nothing better to do, so I kept track throughout the day and ended up with 29 compliments! That was my beneficial social intake for the day.

My physical intake sadly was not as encouraging. One of my hips started to bug me at practice today, and my other hip got injured last year and that wasn’t so good, and now it looks like it may happen again. I also felt like I was running through high altitude meaning I was having trouble breathing properly, but I’m guessing that was caused by lack of sleep…it’s always lack of sleep for me…

Anyways, today is best summed up as interesting.

Arrivederci – Italian