Have you ever had one of those moments where, after a long and full day, you lose the ability to keep your eyes open? Then the feeling progresses, and you start to feel like there is a fog that has descended over your mind and is clinging to it like a leech, keeping you from thinking about even things you enjoy pondering. You continue with this fog, knowing that your body is telling you to go to sleep right then and there, but you can’t because you’re in the car and you are far too old to be carried inside by your mother. You make it home after a brief eternity of exhaustion, go one the internet hoping it might wake you up, and end up seeing that one of your friends posted a picture of an enormous gash on their leg that looks like it needs stitches which coincidentally makes you feel like vomiting up your tasty dinner, but actually does disperse your mind clouding…I guess I should have already known your answer.

Slán – Irish