Today was full of essay writing, although I guess I should say has been since it’s not tomorrow yet. I woke up this morning and found my younger brother Kaleb working on his first middle school (in other words, real) essay that he has ever written. The problems with that: Kaleb can’t type and he doesn’t know how to write a good essay yet. So he typed about half of it and then I came out and told him that his teacher would be looking for a little more than he was doing (He answered all the questions, just not in essay format). So I went through it with him and the essay came up a little short lengthwise, but hey, it was a pretty decent essay. The only problem now is that he has to do another one…

Then I went off to write my essay, which took me a couple of hours. The problems with that: it is immensely hard to summarize a 604 page book about a despot’s life into two pages, so I didn’t. My essay is almost five pages now and it’s not even close to as detailed as it needs to be to get a proper perspective of Stalin’s personality, strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. Oh well, I tried.

Kade had to write his essay today too, but thankfully, I didn’t feel any particular urge to get involved in that one. The problems with that: none! I didn’t even see him writing it.

Afscheid – Dutch

By the way, who is reading this? I got sixteen views yesterday and I only know of a couple of people who check this whiny blog constantly! O_0