I apologise my faithful viewers for not posting for so long. First I was on vacation and then I was rushing to finish my biography, but I’m back now! Wooo!

My vacation was pretty fun. My family went down to Mexico for a week with one other family and some relatives. We hung out, kept ourselves really busy, got new horrible tan lines (in my case) from the stupid fiery sun!, tried to kite board, failed to kite board because there was never enough wind, my mother drove a truck with a boat trailed for the first time and kept it in four-wheel drive for a while because she didn’t know how to turn it off, my mother also had her first experience on my grandpa’s boat and ended up driving for a little while before she had to lay down, my youngest sister and my mother got sick and my sister threw up, my younger brother got very cranky because there were some complications with bringing the boat back in, and all the people who didn’t go on the fishing trip were extraordinarily happy.

This week has been full of school shopping, Stalin reading, and Disney movies. I have a strong dislike for ugly school clothes so it took my mother and I a couple of stores to find everything. (I got a dress…for school…crazy I know.) It turns out my Stalin biography is a college text, and so I didn’t know over two hundred words used (I started keeping track around page three hundred! o_o). It also happens to be 604 pages and fifty-five chapters long, and each chapter took my about thirty minutes even though they were only ten pages. I finally finished it last night early in the morning because I really didn’t want to have to pick it up and read it again today. My first response to it was that it was long. My second response is that it was really interesting and I learned so much I’m having trouble keeping everything straight, especially considering some of the politics involved were a little over my head. We also found out that my youngest sister (Katelyn) doesn’t remember or hasn’t seen just about any Disney movies. So this week she’s been exposed to Cinderella, Mulan, and Aladdin. All classics in which she had missed out on. Soon to come are Dumbo, Tarzan, Sleeping Beauty, The Jungle Book, Thumbelina, Fantasia, The Lion King, A Bug’s Life, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White, and all the other ones we can find.

Lamtumirë – Albanian.

P.S. Among the words I didn’t know from the biography were: weal, toadying, conspectuses, bacillus, ubiquitous, desuetude, abject, doyen, proclivities, coterie, escutcheon, aureole, fulsome, tripartite, jargon, mawkish, sycophants, litmus, plenipotentiary, contretemps, vituperative, anathema, canalise, carapace, paean, mimosa, unctuous, and many more.