The big surprise from yesterday’s post is revealed. I am done with braces for (hopefully) forever! My teeth are straight, not gross and yellow looking, and very smooth. I am one cheerful patient.

Although, I must say I did not enjoy how they took them off. They popped the brackets off, scraped the glue away and into my mouth, polished and removed the last of the glue with some cold, uncomfortable piece of machinery, brushed my teeth with nasty toothpaste, made a mold of my teeth, took x-rays, and finally, took pictures that made me feel like I was getting my very first mug shot. The worst part was, I didn’t expect almost any of it because for some reason no one talks about how their braces were removed, only that they are gone. Still…I’m incredibly glad that my braces are no more!

குட்பாய் – Tamil!