Well, we made it back from our trip without any of us dying! I have found a new respect for kiteboarders and wake boarders because both sports are surprisingly tough. (We wake boarded to learn the basics of how to use a board correctly)

My views on kiteboarding:

1) The kites you use are rather large and powerful

2) Those mentioned large and powerful kites are quite frightening until you learn how to control them

3) The first time you get out of the water onto the board is exhilarating

4) Jet skis are incredibly useful

5) Cape Hatteras is the third best place in the world to kiteboard and that is where we went

6) If more people tried to kiteboard even once…well, in my personal opinion there would be a whole lot of kiters

ગુડબાય – Gujarati: which according to Wikipedia is spoken mostly in the Indian state of Gujarat