Writing is such an arduous process. When I write something at first, I think to myself “This is pretty good” but I come back to it later and realize that it really isn’t. My biggest example of this is my first book attempt. I got to page 148 and after hearing some very accurate criticism about it from my mom, I felt discouraged and gave up for a while in pursuit of a new book idea. I finally came back to my first one a couple of months ago, reread all of it, and was able to comprehend that it was absolutely terrible. The plot was random and repetitive, the main character was a brat, and altogether a very immature writing style which I suppose is why people like me shouldn’t pursue book writing in middle school.

Anyways, I have decided to begin the long, hard process of fixing this book. I have to finish rewriting the plot (though I have already gotten pretty far in that area), change character types, do away with one of my villains completely, change the romantic pieces, mentally create pasts for certain characters, change the title, and rewrite the entire book. I think I am going to become very old before I finish it. I have actually typed out 12 and 1/2 pages with the rewritten plot – that is 12.5 of 148 pages. I am only 11.84% of the way through. Ack!

Orevwa – Haitian Creole