We went out to lunch with friends today and had an interesting conversation about keeping things simple in our faith because there are so many things that we can’t understand. Someone brought up the fact that simplicity is not always better especially if you make it an idol and gave the example of the Amish. What I think is that God wants us to really search after him and try to develop and grow in our relationship with him, but when we are overwhelmed, I believe he has given us a cornerstone to stand on which are the foundations of our beliefs. I am beginning to think that this is what God has been teaching me lately because I came face to face with an idea about God that I couldn’t begin to understand and it rocked me, so I needed to drop back on simple truths like “God is real” and “He died to save me” and it kept me going.

Der Herr ist meine Zuflucht – German for the Lord is my refuge