I just found Exodus 14:14 a couple nights ago, it says, “The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still.” When I say I found it, I don’t mean that literally, I simply meant that it hit me the first time. This verse is so powerful and comforting to me because I always feel the need to solve everything, and it kills me when, in my weakness, I cannot do so. I find myself weighed down because of it, and end up asking God ‘Why, if your burden is light, is believing in you so heavy?’ I’m beginning to understand that this isn’t what the verse that discusses this is trying to say. I think it is trying to communicate that God is not going to weigh us down, it’s the world that does that. I think we also need to acknowledge that God never said our journey would be easy, in fact, he tells us often to welcome suffering and not be surprised by it because it helps us to grow. That’s why Exodus 14:14 is so encouraging to me, it helps me seek refuge in God’s strength and not my own.

Vaarwel – Dutch, and Чао – Bulgarian because I forgot yesterday.