It’s crazy what you can learn from reading. You get so many perspectives and world views and events. I finished a book just last night called Thr3e in which the theme was about the nature of man. I finished Lord of the Flies about a week ago, and its main theme was to point out the animalistic qualities of man. The list goes one: Animal Farm– A symbol of the slow descent of Russia into a totalitarian government. Odyssey – Shows man’s recklessness and taught me what a double standard is. The Kite Runner – shows how hate can ruin lives. Hamlet – hate can ruin lives. Romeo and Juliet-There’s a lot in this one. Fate vs. choice, love vs hate, etc, etc.

Even in kid stories there are deep messages everywhere. Cinderella – Teaches gratitude in the midst of darkness. Beauty and theBeast – Teachers to look at inner beauty and not to be consumed with outward beauty. I’m telling all of you that reading is excellent for everyone!

پھر ملیں گے in Urdu (wherever that might belong to…just kidding, I looked it up. South Asia Muslims speak it.)