I started my resume today, and it is surprisingly stressful. I feel like I should have so much more on it and look like I have so many more accomplishments, but I don’t. I hate that I feel pressured to do more community service and have a ton of extracurricular activities. I just wonder what colleges make of people’s’ lives. I simply don’t have time to do everything and be everywhere, but I still have that desire to do as much as I physically can. The future worries me constantly, and though I know that that is not very good for me, I can’t seem to help myself. I just wish I could be completely done with school already.

안녕히 계세요  Korean.

P.S. Word of the day-polymorphous which means “Having, assuming, or passing through many or various forms, stages, or the like.” As said by dictionary.com!

Another P.S.  Also big track meet tomorrow. I guess there are over twenty teams invited and we are leaving school at 8:55 and we won’t get back until maybe 6:30. I’m running the 4×8 relay, the 800m, and the 400m, wish me luck!