A lot has been made clear to me today. I’m not going to share everything because some of it is personal, but I’ll show a glimpse.

First, it hit me that what our Lord Jesus Christ went through was the physical and emotional burden of every sin that there ever was, is, and will come. I look on that and then I look at how hard it is for me to carry the weight of my sin, and I am left in awe. Jesus did what no simple man could ever do. He is our spotless lamb and that was why it had to be Him who was sacrificed and not someone else. I reflect on the power that is in Him and how that is shown even in His crucifixion, and I am speechless. I meditate on the thought “could I have ever done what He did for me?”, and the answer is a resounding “no”.

Secondly, I found a small taste of what it must have been like for Peter to betray Jesus so openly. I realized that I do what Peter did over and over and over again, and then I came to understand the vastness of God’s love and forgiveness for us…His children.

Thirdly, there was a line that stood out to me in a video my church played about what Mary Magdalene might have felt after Jesus had died. She said something about death and how, after you lose someone, you wake up in the morning and it takes you a moment to realize what’s missing, but then it hits you, and it feels like you lose them all over again. She pointed out how you wake up, and you lose the forgetfulness that comes with sleep, and the pain hits you again and it’s overwhelming. There was something about this thought that hit a chord with me, and then I can feel how it must have felt to watch Jesus tortured on the cross and die. I can feel how hopeless the next three days were, I can feel how dark they were…because The Light of the World had been hidden from view. Then I imagine the joy that must have come with the next morning, and I want to shout praises to the King.

אלוהים הוא המגן שלי הישועה שלי. הוא בדרך. This means God is my shield and my salvation. He is the Way in Hebrew