Why is it that when you really want something, it rarely happens? Let me explain. Today, I really wanted to get a personal record in my 400m race, but I didn’t. Instead, I got one in my 200 which I really don’t care that much about. I also really wanted to go to youth group and I didn’t have any homework (which is a miracle), but shockingly, note the sarcasm, my parents didn’t want to take us so we couldn’t. Next week, when we don’t have a track meet, I bet I’ll have a bunch of homework. Curse you, irony!!!!

Ar žinote, kad Lietuva yra labai didelis savižudybių skaičius, iš tiesų jie turi pasaulio rekordą už jį, ir jie taip pat turi theme park, kad yra skirtas atkurti Holokausto …. aš žinau, įdomus žmonės. Sudie! Lithuanian.

P.S. That means: Did you know that Lithuania has a very high suicide rate, in fact they hold the world record for it, and they also have a theme park that is meant to recreate the Holocaust….I know, fun people. Goodbye