I don’t have anything too specific from today so I’m just gonna give you my week in brief.

1) Track’s getting competitive. I’ve got to bring my 400m (one lap) time down from a 1:09 to a 1:04. Trust me, it’s harder than it sounds. My shins are hurting, my stride is too short and I have to change it to be faster, it’s getting hot, and state is drawing nearer and I haven’t qualified yet.

2) School is painful. Two of my seven classes are terrible, people are being stupid, and I am constantly struggling to stay awake.

3) Friends. They’re some of the people who I love the most and therefore, can hurt me the most….enough said.

4) Sleep. I hate it. I’m a night owl, and I never want to go to sleep at night so I’m super tired all the time (thankfully it’s now the weekend!).

5) Illness. One of my friends was throwing up, but kept coming to school anyways. Now I am worried about getting sick.

6) Favorite words: quagmire, quintessence, pretentious, vociferate, ostentatious, moot, ossify, quodlibet,  and verbicide.

7) My friend came up with a hilarious nickname for one of my teachers that I am not going to share here because it is the internet and what if my teacher somehow cared to look at this? :0

Farvel, Danish! I don’t think I’ve used this one yet…