If you have never been to this website, don’t. Just don’t. The website is for people who write stories with characters in other books in them, so someone made the website so that they couldn’t plagiarise. I just read a painful part of one called the good and the evil Chapter 1 by wolfandtwilightlover….I bet that just gives you a world of insight as to how wonderful this story was. I am going to snark on it for you, it has something to do with Twilight….I guess….

The good and the evil (already you can see the lovely grammar use) I was packing my suitcase to go on my “Round the World Trip.” Well start it anyway. Because it was only Christmas Break we couldn’t go out off of the continent yet. (Why can’t you go out off of the continent exactly?) Right now it would be freezing to anyone else except for my dad. (Well way to stray off topic) My room was always the coldest. I wish I had better cousin, (The random name drop is always appreciated) Sarah had just gotten me interested in dresses, makeup, skirts, and anything else girlie. Ever since about first grade I refused to wear them. Right now I’m thirteen, my birthday was December 7th. It was exactly a week after my birthday. (How nice for you. Now you, my poor reader, might be wincing already, but don’t worry, it gets worse.)
I used to have a perfect life until one day years ago. Even my parent don’t have a clue. “Jessica we are leaving to get the other stuff we need. We are bringing the pets with us okay?” I heard my mom yell from the front door.” (She’s Jessica, keep track of that.) Okay mom I’m gonna stay and pack.” I told her. I had turned to my computer to send an email. When I turned to look out my door I saw Caleb’s dirty underwear. ” Gross that is disgusting!” I shouted not caring who heard. (Caleb? Underwear? Why would anyone care?)
I heard Caleb laughing. “You idiot”, I yelled at him.” You are so dead!” He shot back,” How come you don’t have to come? huh huh “miss goody goody?” (Come where? I quote “Huh huh miss goody goody…..painful)  ” Because mom told me to stay and pack.” I told Caleb. He tried to punch me but I got him in the head first. (Wasn’t he down the hall? Way to be consistent.) He got mad kicked my door than ran off it looked like he was about to cry. (This person needs to go back to kindergarten) I yelled,”Baby!” at him. For my twin brother he was such a wimp. Breaks where easily my favorite part of the school year which surprised some kids because I was the class brain. (First of all, way to be humble. Second, way to change the subject abruptly again. Reading this makes me want to vomit.) I didn’t like going to school because ever since fifth grade Jazzy came back. (Once again, wonderful grammar skills are being displayed and we have another name drop. If this is the class brain….we are going to be in trouble.) I was kinda happy when she moved in second grade to go to her dad’s house in Washington. Everyone got along more or less but when she came back everyone was on her side. They had very few purposes the main one was bully Jessica and her friends. (Nice third person use of yourself) I used to be friends with everyone but now it was Jazzy. (What kind of name is Jazzy? Kudos for the creativity.) I knew she didn’t really like them even Marie and they looked like sisters. (Who? What? Marie? No comprende!) Only me Tara and a few of my other friends could see past their pretending. My dad bought me a four-wheeler and a motorcycle though. (Changing the subject again. What kind of parent gives their thirteen year old a motorcycle and lets them use it?)I was only allowed to drive the motorcycle near home though because I’m under aged. Caleb wasn’t my only brother though I had no sister. It was just me, Zach, Kevin, Grant, Shawn, and Caleb. Zach, and Grant were the littlest ones though. (Overusing ‘though’ is getting obnoxious) Zach and Grant are twins but they were adopted. Shawn was only one year younger than me. I think its pretty sad that I’m the only girl. (You poor sap. Your poor, motorcycle filled life must be simply horrible) I heard them drive away after a bit of pet chasing. (Pet chasing?)“Finally,” I said under my breath. I looked at my laptop once I was done packing, I had put all of our stuff in my secret room it was above my room and it was fire proof and I was the only one that knew about it. (Really? A secret room….didn’t you just punch your brother outside your secret room?) I grabbed my laptop from off of the bed and headed for the living room, when I looked and saw a truck stop at our drive way. I noticed that it looked a lot like Summer’s truck. It probably was. (Because everyone knows who Summer is, and exactly what her truck looks like. Was it a red truck, blue truck? Old truck, new truck? One truck, two trucks? Dr. Seuss wins.) I saw that because I had a security system that had mini cameras and it was open on my computer. (I honestly am a bit speechless on this one. What?!) I went over to the living room window and looked out. I saw Marie and Alicia looking at me they were tied up and panicking. (Who the heck are they? Why are they tied up in the middle of the street?) They were even more afraid when they saw me. (Are you that ugly?) I couldn’t imagine why. Sure I was stronger than them and smarter but they were some of the most popular girls so they had more power than me. (This girl is a saint, but why would that scare whoever those two random females are?) They were identical twins even! Summer and Autumn were their cousins. (Their cousins are so relevant to the story….) I always thought it was weird that they were named after the seasons. But hey who am I to judge? I watched as Jazzy walked down my drive way, (I knew it. Jazzy is a supernatural freak who appears with no precedent in stories that are very very bad) she just bent down and I guess put something down. I would pick it up later. (Why is it for you? You’re friends are tied up, and now this?) She went back to her truck smiling. (I thought it was Summer’s truck? I don’t get it!) I really got confused then what were they to stuck up to give me something in front of everyone? Well it didn’t really suprise me. They were always snobs I liked Alicia though she was pretty nice. (Isn’t Alecia tied up? Jazzy was the one who put something down) Everyone but me had a hard time telling them apart. Its not like I read their minds or anything though. (Mind reading? Really? Is that relevant at all? I bet anything this has some vampire connection.) Well I just stood there watching them leave when I looked down at my laptop, then I saw it, the item she put down. The bomb. (Bomb. Well, aren’t you special.) The bomb was ticking and flashing. I forgot all about my secret room I wouldn’t have time anyway. I just ran and grabbed a suitcase and threw it over me. (Because everyone keeps a bomb proof, human-sized suitcase in their living room, I know I do.) Luckily it was the big one it covered me completely. Well almost the tips of my hair was showing but I didn’t notice. (Oh no. Not the hair.) All I could think was ” Am I going to die?” or ” Why did they do this to me?” and ” Why me why pick me?” (This is multiple things dear. Is that really what you think of as you are hiding under a magical suitcase from a bomb? Just wondering.) all I could do was hope it ended quickly.

I saw Jessica in there was all I could think. (How can you see Jessica you random not main character person? She is under a suitcase.) Why did we do this? Well first I didn’t I was tied up and forced to watch and even though her drive way is pretty long I swear she saw me. I was tied so I would be forced to watch them place the bomb of course they would probably kill me so I couldn’t tell anyone. (They? It’s only Jazzy the apparently maniacal thirteen year old.) But they didn’t know what I saw. ” Jazzy I have to say something!” I pleaded to her. ” What! what do you want to beg me not to hurt you soon you and your sister!”she snarled at me. I hate her I really do. (Um….) ” I saw – I saw” I cried out. (Spit it out, you retard!)” What did you see?” Jazzy barked. (Well, as she doesn’t happen to be a dog or in the thirteen year old military that totally exists, let’s avoid barking shall we.)” I saw her, Jessica she was in there!” (I’m sure Jazzy didn’t know that, she just wanted to blow up some random house like all normal kids too) I started crying. “What! She was in there we saw them leave they took all of the vechiles too!” (Vechiles?) Jazzy said she sounded mad and worried. That wasn’t part of the plan killing her they just wanted to make it so she couldn’t protect Tara and the rest of them. (Because bombing people is totally common in dramatic young girls) Now they would be caught for murder. (You don’t accidentally blow people up!) I knew what Jazzy and her boyfriend (Where did the boyfriend come from? Who would want to date a girl named Jazzy?) were about to do so I closed my eyes. I felt the car stop. (I thought you all were thirteen.) They dragged my and Marie out of the car. Marie’s scream got muffled when Nick put his hand over her mouth. I shut my eyes again they started it again. (Started what?) I refused to think about what they were doing that would only make it worse. Jazzy had a dirty secret that only me and Marie knew. (Not a dirty little secret! I bet it has something to do with vampires.) I knew she and her friends went and did this to many kids before. (What? Accidentally killed them and get caught for murder or was it the bombing part?) I felt a punch to my jaw then. I cried out in pain. ” Get up now!” Someone barked. They pulled me to my feet. I knew then that my clothes were completely torn up I could feel it. (She got punched in the jaw, so her clothes were torn up. Makes a lot of sense.) Dad would be so mad. (Because that is really important at the current moment.) “Why did you do this to me?” I cried out. ” You know I have to do that and you know why.” she called to me as she got in the truck. (What? Did they ever even get out of the car truck thing? You can’t beat someone up very well when they are in a car, but you can rip their clothing.) I was pushed in and then I felt my boots fall off. I stared out the window. In time to see the bomb go off, I cried the whole ********************************************************

That was the end of the third paragraph. Right there, in the middle of the sentence. Wasn’t that story just simply delightful, painful, torturous, and very scarring? Savannah thinks so. And so do them! All of them, even the boyfriends named Nick.

What has writing come to? The writer in me is cringing rather heavily. You’re welcome.

namaarie, Elvish just because there is no werewolf or vampire language that I can use.