Ever since I was a kid, I have wanted a cool nickname but my name doesn’t abbreviate well. Kaylee. For a while I was KK which is lame and almost the abbreviation for the Ku Klux Klan which just makes it so much better. It tends to be my last name now, but ya know, that’s not really a nickname. But I guess we all have to be careful what we wish for because my brother decided to nickname me lardy today. Then he went of to call me a tub of lard and say some random restaurant called The Big Belly Deli was named after me. It was funny though, he had some clever moments. I suppose it was kind of my fault because I was pronouncing his name oddly and it was really bugging him which just made it better. Ha ha!

Да спаткання Belarusian!! I actually know where Belarus is so that just makes this parting sweeter.