Disneyland and rain do not mix. The fact that this certain amusement park is mainly outdoors and includes waiting in long lines for just about everything does not help the rain factor. Not to mention, some people aren’t prepared for the rain to come (Ha ha, morons! They should have checked the weather reports) and so while some are in rain ponchos or whatever they’re called and have multiple umbrellas up, these unlucky fellows have the privilege of getting soaked and watching all of the mostly dry people prance around for hours and hours until they decide they want to leave.

Also, even those who are prepared do not get much of a bonus. They get to walk in puddles, freeze their hands and feet off, freeze just in general, and get soggy. Guess why this came up. It's not hard really. My family went to California Adventure today and it rained and rained and rained some more. Peachy.
Orevwa Haitian Creole