So last night and this morning we walked down the street to this little Italian place and ate there. We happen to be on vacation, we sadly do not actually live so near to such a lovely restaurant. Anyways, last night was really quite amusing because the people around slowly got more and more drunk on their wine and they kept getting louder and louder and I just thought it was just a little hilarious especially as I go to very few places where people get slightly drunk. Well, actually, we went to some bar in Mexico that served nice pizza but it was a um, well, interesting environment I guess I could say. But to stay on topic, the nice thing about this Italian place is that it’s family owned so the food is amazing, the staff is all pretty close or at least they appear to be, the staff know all of the regulars and the people there are just overall very friendly. So, I am enjoying our food experience so far.

Ciao, Italian!