Ya know, I don’t particularly enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. Number one, everyone has to wear the same color, number two, if they don’t wear that color they get cruelly pinched, and number three, they get ridiculed for not following the trends of the holiday. This is what I over-dramatically call extreme peer pressure! Honestly if we’re going to have a holiday for a saint, we should make sure more people know about the history of that saint or it’s just some stupid day where everyone wears green. Let me give you holiday history in brief. There’s this Christian guy born with the title saint (fiction), he end up going to Ireland – no he was not born there – as a slave, God miraculously frees him, and then he gets a calling to go back and live among the slaves. Basically awesome guy, great faith, apparently used shamrocks to explain the idea of the Trinity. Yay. Now we have a holiday celebrating the Irish, drinking, and pinching all because some saintly dude followed God and we corrupted his works into a fun-filled, peer pressure flooded holiday that we call St. Patrick’s Day.

Slán, ha I win, it’s Irish.