Girls are a pain in the but!  I am a girl! UGH. We are far too concerned with the wrong things and we are so needy! Almost every girl you meet will most likely be concerned with the stupidest things on the planet. Hair, body, clothes, looks, boys, drama, drama, drama, and more drama. 
When some of us get angry, instead of punching it out like guys are lucky enough to be able to do, we go behind each others backs, spread rumors, make the other person miserable, and continue to act like we are the poor, innocent little victims. I can't even tell you, darling reader, how much I would love to punch people when I get angry, walk away, and be completely fine with that person the next day. Granted, that is a big time stereotype, but I don't care, it sounds good to me. 
Guys, don't you just want to date a girl now!
Oodbyegay, Pig Latin-the easiest language to figure out. Move the g to the  front - Woah! Magic, there's the word goodbye...ay