Fairytale are beautiful things. They show the virtue in mankind in unique ways. Take the Cinderella story for example. Cinderella has to put up with three jerks who make her do slave labor, and yet she is never bitter towards them. She remains humble, yet headstrong, and kind and beautiful even under her layer of dirt.

I think Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorites. People seem to be obsessed with their outward appearance, and disdain those who do not have good looks. Beauty and the Beast shows how to look beneath the surface and see people for who they really are which is often quite amazing. I for one, really want to see Beastly, I think it’s going to be really good.

Rapunzel shows persistence, determination, and love, Sleeping Beauty shows determination, love, and caring for other, Snow White shows trust, friendship, hope, and love again. The characters and story lines may not be the most realistic, but if you look beneath the surface, there are life lessons even in children stories.

Hüvasti! Estonian.