So I get home from my first track meet, sit down, eat dinner, and half watch the TV that my dad’s got playing in the back round. So, I of course happen to pay attention at the moment when the Hooters commercial comes on….ew. I mean really what perverted idiot (obviously a guy) created Hooters? Did he just sit down, and think to himself “I want a restaurant with decent wings and lots of chicks, but mostly the chicks” ?! I mean really, how desperate is a girl going to be before she applies to work there…that or she just really likes a whole lot of attention.

But then, not even five minutes later, this commercial comes on for some gross TV show. I have honestly no idea what the show is actually about, because the only thing it seemed to be about was pretty girls with small shorts with words on the behind, and perverted guys staring at them. Our society is so fallen. So many people find a ton of pleasure in being perverted, but honestly, it’s kinda disgusting and the only pleasure they get is for a very short period of time, and then that ‘pleasure’ turns to emptiness and hopelessness. It just makes me sad to see what we have been brought to by our own choosing.

خداحافظی! Persian.