Has anyone ever seen or had to sit near hissing cockroaches? Well, if you haven’t, don’t! My science teacher keeps them as pets and they would try to mate in class!! They would get on each other’s backs and start thumping their butts, and making lots of noise, and so of course, my classmates and I would stare in part horror and part amusement as the gross cockroaches thumped and lay on each other. However, finally our teacher caught on to how distracting her pets were and put them away. Which was a relief because we were all worried about knocking their cage over and getting mating beetles in our backpacks!

She also has cannibal goldfish. Two of them ate the fins off of the other fish and so she put this screen divider between them. So now there are two parts of the fish tank and one holds a mutilated fish.

Ridiculous, I know! Bye!