Sometimes I feel like life is insufferably tiresome and exhausting. What’s truly bad about it, is that often our days are incredibly similar. We have our little routines that we endlessly perform over and over and over again, and granted, every day, there’s at least one thing that is exciting or new or simply that occurs to make our days a little better. I’ve got to say though, sometimes, routines drive me crazy. You do them so repeatedly that they truly do grow to be a drag even if at first, it was something that you enjoyed. As hinted at in Romeo and Juliet, too much of something good can make that good thing corrupted or bad. Humans strive so hard to be content without success, and it is hard to live without contentedness. I’m so glad that I know Christ and that he can soothe the restlessness within me even if I sometimes reject his peace.

Thank you God!