What would we do without them, but what can we do with them? Sometimes you love them to death, sometimes you laugh at them, sometimes you want to chuck them off a tall, tall building, it’s just how it works. Friends. The word creates feelings in me that can be great, but can be the opposite of that too. A good friend will listen to you and know that you are someone who they can talk to in return, they make you laugh, you make them laugh. For the most part, friendships are just multifarious quirky relationships.

I do mean quirky. I love when you get close enough to a person where you learn these odd little things about them. For instance, some of my friends love to sing and go around doing so all the time, some of my friends roll around on the floor when they’re angry, some spaz out on a regular basis. Basically, friends are great!

Til tomorrow, adieu