I absolutely adore Shakespeare. The language is so beautiful, it sounds so exotic, and when you comprehend what his underlying message is, you can’t help but be astonished by his wit. He has such amazing quotes that are full of passion. For example in Hamlet-not sure when-Hamlet declares “Frailty thy name is woman!” I must say it’s rather sexist, and not completely true, but I love it all the same. He created such speeches for his characters that build great emotion in the readers/hearers. He’s absolutely brilliant. When you think about it, not only did he have to please your common, everyday folk, but he also had to please the aristocracy and the queen!

Often, most teenagers don’t appreciate Shakespeare, but I find it hard not to. Every other line is a pun, there’s humor, there’s depression, there’s confusion, there’s longing. There are real plots! His tragedies are truly moving, his comedies are amusing. He has such renown as a play writer and yet people don’t appreciate it.

I can’t say I’m fond of all of his plays, Romeo and Juliet I must say bothers me. They are, at a glance, such a wonderful example of true love, but when you delve deeper into the story line, you can argue that it’s true love, but I see it as lust. I see Romeo as this emotional player who acts rather pathetically all the time, and I see Juliet as this young, innocent girl who throws herself into love without a second thought. Mercutio, Benvelio, Tybalt and other such characters I truly do appreciate however.

I think I’ll go into more depth on this particular subject later, bye!