Here’s a lovely example of one of Shakespeare’s fabulous monologues. It’s Joan of Arc’s speech from Henry VI after being condemned to death and it is fantastic!

First let me tell you whom you have condemned,

Not me begotten of a shepherd swain

but issued from the progeny of kings

Virtuous and holy, chosen from above

By inspiration of celestial grace

to work exceeding miracles on earth.

I never had to do with wicked spirits,

but you, that are polluted with your lusts,

stained with the guiltless blood of innocents,

Corrupt and tainted with a thousand vices.

You judge it straight a thing impossible to compass wonders but by help of devils.

No, misconceived! Joan of Arc hath been a virgin from her tender infancy,

Chaste and immaculate in very thought

whose maiden blood, thus rigorously effused

will cry for vengeance at the gates of heaven!

I love it!!!! There’s so much condemning passion!

Bye for now!